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Anonymous asked:

One of the saddest and most hil- NO BITCH, the sad thing here is the fact that you're a stripper. If you want respect, maybe you should've graduated high school. 😂😂 when did stripping become a legitimate career?





Awww, you tried so hard, but unfortunately I can’t hear you over the sound of my debt-free college degree and massive disposable income.


Oh snap



War Vet Was Warned Waffle House Not Safe For White, Gets Beaten, Needs Brain Surgery. Police say this was not a hate crime.


Clarion Ledger
NY Daily News
The Blaze
CBS Houston
USA Today


  • 2 white men want to eat at Waffle House
  • The white men are Ralph Weems, a Marine and Iraq Veteran and his friend David Knighten who is an Air Force Veteran who served in Afghanistan
  • Man in parking lot suggested they go elsewhere
  • Said the black men inside were angry over the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson and that it may not be a safe place for white people
  • The two men go inside to eat
  • After entering an argument broke out and olice were called
  • They cant do anything
  • They decide to leave to eat elsewhere, end up going to Huddle House to eat
  • A group of 20 black men from Waffle House followed them to parking lot of Huddle House
  • The 2 men try to calm the angry mob but it doesnt work
  • They get attacked and beaten
  • Knighten gets taken to the ground and kicked repeatedly and suffers minor fractures and cuts
  • Weems gets attacked much more severely, close to death and ends up needing brain surgery and was put in induced coma by doctors
  • Racial remarks where yelled by the black crowd towards the white men during the beating
  • Police show up after crowd leaves


Quote from the police chief Tim Brinkley

"This does not appear to be a hate crime"

Oh and its currently  being looked at as just an aggravated assault.

I want to go with a group of 20 white men and beat 2 black guys, one near death, while calling them filthy niggers or something and see what happens. How fast would we end up on every news channel and website and on everyone twitter and facebook feeds?

Shit, I can punch a black guy for saying something stupid to me and he can cry about hate crimes but if he hit me for the same reason, I couldnt. Even if the punch had nothing to do with hating him for his color. How stupid. Same for jews gays or anyone not a straight white male. Hell I can go in a mosque and say some offensive Muslim joke and get a hate crime charge if they wanted to go that route, but I or anyone can go on tv or at a comedy club and bash Christians or Mormons and nothing, just a big laugh.

>white privilege
>cant be racist against whites
>there is no such thing as race but whites are the most evil race
>even though there is no such thing as race, all races are equal but whites are worse and more evil


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Since I was a boy in 1995 my parents decided it would be okay if a doctor sliced off a part if my heathy genitals. They didn’t even bother to question it, even after hearing my older brother’s screams when his was done. Now as a man in 2014 I am told to “deal with it” or I should “thank my parents” by people just as ignorant as they were. #sinceiwasaboy #rethink #circumcision #i2

Omg crying like a little bitch haha

Circumcision is not an issue. Men are not deprived of their genitals, neither are they deprived of any sexual pleasures. It is done in a clean hospital environment. Stop making a big deal about. 

SO does this mean I can get my daughter’s labia removed?  Because if it isn’t a big deal then I don’t see why I can’t.

I don’t know. Are you a member of Taliban or ISIS? You are asking the wrong person.

No, but as the father of my daughter It should be my call.  She’d look so much better without it anyway.

Female circumcision involves cutting off the clitoris and the surrounding tissues, which is a pretty poor analogy because it would impair her sexual functions. A better comparison would be cutting off a boy’s penis. 

There are more types of female genital cutting than only that, the most benign of which (a simple nick on the outer labia) is still illegal and carries just as much religious significance as circumcision, which is far more harmful than the degree of FFGC that I just described.

The point is that we protect girls because our society cares so much about the safety of girls, but no matter how many men complain about their forced circumcisions, nobody seems to really want to do anything about it for fear of offending religious people.

Circumcision in infancy is detrimental to the long term sexual function of the penis, and is done without consent which trumps any argument you might be able to show me about sexual function. Everyone should have a right to their own body.

Seriously the people who make these idiotic comments without doing any research make me sick.

A penis without a foreskin is EXPOSED and the glans dry out over years, reducing sensitivity and sexual function and in some cases even cause ED.

So it IS quit comparable. Please educate yourselves for the good of your future sons.

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